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Plataforma Aruba is a non-profit organization that develops activities and projects for the Aruban community, combining visual contemporary art and education. We were founded in​ 2019 by art historian and cultural manager Ana Maria Hernández with the goal of contributing to a solid infrastructure for visual arts on the island.

ENG mision

our mission is to create meaningful learning experiences where we contribute to the understanding of visual contemporary art, contribute to the professionalization of the sector in Aruba, and preserve Aruba's contemporary cultural heritage through the documentation, production, and presentation of reflective and academic material.

our projects are developed in collaboration with local artists, cultural organizations, and our international network.

what is contemp art


contemporary visual art is an artistic discipline that expresses and materializes the essence, thinking, and realities of our current communities.  

to do this, contemporary artists make use of different forms of expression like sculpture, painting, performance art, and installation art.


their works of art give us, amongst other things, the opportunity to discover new perspectives within our own communities and cultures.


why art andeduction


art can act as a means to communicate ideas and concepts that are sometimes difficult to put into words. 


in contrast to the current education methodologies based on standard-based assessment, education of art and through art offers the opportunity to rethink education and presents a more inclusive, broad, and relevant alternative for the community.

what is art mediation


Art mediation is a term for a series of actions that stimulate an active relationship between art and its audience. Art mediation can take many forms, from guided tours through an exhibition, to workshops, to group sessions that act as think tanks.

Art mediation has as goal knowledge exchange to offer a broader understanding of an artwork, its production, and the artist that created it. Another goal of art mediation is to expose the relationship between art and our many daily realities. This can take place on a collective or individual level. And last but not least, it can stimulate dialogue and exchange of ideas between art and its audience, or within the audience itself.


Art mediation is a crucial component of art education and is important for a healthy relationship with art.

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