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Samuel Sarmiento, El sol, la luna y la oscuridad, 2019, mixed media on paper, 31x23cm.

Sarmiento's inspiration for El sol, la luna y la oscuridad or The Sun, The Moon, and The Darkness is an African story of the creation of the earth. 

In this work, the artist uses color and the fluidity of the aquarelle technique to tell this story in one cohesive scene. The composition not only blurs space but also time, blending day time, with night time and then total darkness.


The three entities (the sun, the moon, and the darkness) were asked to bring different offers to earth when they descended to fulfill their task. 

Each got its own choice.


The sun was asked to bring a white cloak and a yellow palm leaf. The sun chose to bring the offers and in return, was treated with great honor.


Its warmth was essential to different processes in life. He roamed the skies during the day and when people looked at it, he reached out with his yellow palm leaf and blinded them temporarily. He was not to be seen directly but to be respected.


The moon didn't take this petition seriously. She just wanted to be admired by mankind and not to be of vital service. And so, humanity was to admire her only during the night.


Darkness wasn't interested in bringing any offers and as a result, it exists as a void in the sky. It hides and disappears into the night, as an invisible being.

Text and design: Ana Maria Hernandez

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