Stichting Plataforma Aruba was founded by art historian Ana Maria Hernandez. She has a B.A degree in Art History and an M.A degree in Contemporary Art. She specializes in Contemporary Art from Latin America and the Caribbean and has a particular interest in the field of art education.


supervisory board

Angelo Tromp

Angelo Tromp is a cultural policymaker with over 15 years of experience, working in the government administration industry and for not-for-profit artistic institutions. He has experience in community and social services professional with a master's degree in Cultural Science from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam.​

Osaira Muyale

Osaira Muyale is a Contemporary Artist from Aruba who has been active since the late '80s. Osaira is the Director of Fundacion MAMA and Fundacion Eterno which support and develop the Contemporary Art scene on the island.